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Jag tar inget ansvar för det som skrivs i forumet, förutom mina egna inlägg. Vänligen rapportera alla inlägg som bryter mot reglerna, så ska jag se vad jag kan göra. Som regelbrott räknas till exempel förolämpningar, förtal, spam och olagligt material. Mata inte trålarna.

Sep 2010

A case against syntax highlighting

Wed 1-Sep-2010 17:44

lft wrote:

Using an assembler or compiler would be waaay to 'easy'.
Like driving a bicycle with training wheels.

A high-level programming language adds power by allowing you to express complex ideas concisely. Training wheels remove power by replacing a hard job with a superficially similar but easier job. It's like taking an acting class in order to become an engineer.
I don't get your argument against training wheels (or coloured stickers on piano keys for beginners).

You suggest that it's worse than useless because learners have to "unlearn" things after they graduate to training-wheels-free mode.

But that's not a problem if this unlearning process is quicker than the time saved in learning to ride the bicycle, and I would suggest that it is. When you add some kind of training wheels to a task, it's always a trade-off. The brain is extremely good at adapting and if you can break up one complex learning task into many small ones which are easier to master, humans can and do reassemble those small tasks into the larger performance without undue difficulty.

This is why when learning tough piano pieces, dance moves or martial arts forms, we practice them in small isolated segments before putting the segments together. For example, when learning a piano piece you might practice two bars at a time, hands separately, then together, and then one line at a time and so on. Breaking down the tasks, mastering the individual stages and then composing them back together is often much more efficient than brute-force learning the higher-level skill in a monolithic fashion.

We can use mnemonics and stickers and training wheels to help us build those skills on a more modular scale, and we can still master the high-level skill afterwards.
We can have our cake and eat it too.
Wed 1-Sep-2010 19:39
As a not-too-far-offtrack comment: Do Bibles with "The Words of Jesus in Red" add or subtract?

Another thought, having read all the comments (and the article ;): Does the (computer) language being syntax highlighted matter? I find it more helpful for C/C++ and Tex/LaTex, almost useless for eLisp/Lisp/Scheme and Basic.

The Chipophone

Fri 3-Sep-2010 17:39

Making the Chipophone

Fri 3-Sep-2010 20:50
Well done man, seriously. Thank you for doing this. I would love to buy one if you ever start selling them. You stand to make a good amount of money I assume.
I would totally buy one.
Tue 7-Sep-2010 21:34
fantastic man, you rock

id pay big money fro one of those ya know! =)
Emil Hjort
Thu 9-Sep-2010 03:05
Jag fick syn på dig idag via Wimp. Måste säga att det var kärlek vid första tonen! Älskar hela 8-bit soundet =) Fortsätt skapa örongodis! Introt till "Robo Warrior" om man får komma med ett förslag ;)

The Chipophone

Thu 9-Sep-2010 08:57
You gotta put three things in here man, one - a lowpass filter. Two - a Leslie. Three, a spring reverb tank so you can go all Keith Emerson on it by lifting it up, flipping the reverb on, and dropping it.

other than that, flippin amazing. i want one.


Sat 11-Sep-2010 14:23
Hi, this page is really helpful - thanks.
Does anyone know the reason for Pärt to write the piece? I'll be playing it in a concert and would like to include this information in my programme notes.


Sun 12-Sep-2010 20:25
love it!

Think Twice III

Mon 13-Sep-2010 09:25
Thank you for creating the chipophone and playing theese songs, this is definetly the best one so far.

Keep up the awesome.
Tue 14-Sep-2010 18:55
Linus, I hope you have contacted Tony Tallarico so you can perform these songs live at a Video Games Live concert! Keep it up!
Sun 19-Sep-2010 00:55
This is awesome! I'm a huge fan of the Chipophone, and I think this one is the best tune so far.
Keep up the good work!
-- LLB


Sun 19-Sep-2010 02:51
Awesome work keep it up


Sun 19-Sep-2010 20:01
I guess you could have gone with an AD725 or similar RGB to PAL converter. But then nothing would be learnt!

The output analog switch is a nice twist. With the timer it keeps everything in sync which would be really hard otherwise - I was previously convinced no extra work could be done in the limited time. I now know that if it looks right on screen, then it *is* right. What else matters?

First time I saw microcontroller PAL encoding was Rickard Gunee's Pong project a few years ago which was quite interesting too.


The Chipophone

Tue 21-Sep-2010 01:06

lft wrote:

Hi! No, presently there's no way to use custom waveforms. For one thing, there's no intuitive way of mapping waveform design onto the physical controls available on the organ.

I think a little LCD screen with a stylus for hand drawn waveforms would be sweet, but I don't think I would change anything about the Chipophone. It is perfect as it is (in my opinion at least). Maybe on another device ... ?

Making the Chipophone

Tue 21-Sep-2010 15:24
Really looking great! I'm very impressed!

Keep up the good work!


Reyn Ouwehand

Beagleboard VGA output

Wed 22-Sep-2010 11:01
i have an LCD screen that i managed to salvage from a broken laptop - how can i use that with the beagle board? do you have an ideas on how i can do that? or point me in a direction where i can start looking?

Thanks and regards,
ajaysusarla at gmail [dot]com

Beagleboard stable USB EHCI hack

Wed 22-Sep-2010 21:56
Thank you very much for posting the hack!
I found a tantalum capacitor on a broken wireless card and put it over C97, with a capacitance slightly bigger than the 10uF you proposed (22uF) - my USB interfaces work like a charm now! No more unexpected disconnects!


Thu 23-Sep-2010 22:37
Promise me that one day you will demonstrate this live. I might even learn Swedish and fly to Sweden to witness it. I am in awe.....
Thu 23-Sep-2010 22:41
Thinking about it, the one part of the acoustics of the organ you're missing is that every pipe is in a different location, so affected differently by the room.

Theoretically speaking, if you were to try it live, you could have seperate amplification for each chip, split into bands using several band-pass filters, and then individual speakers each representing a bundle of related pipes.

But I'm thinking too much now, amn't I?

Beagleboard VGA output

Fri 24-Sep-2010 17:30
Does this work with BB xm as well ?
Anybody with any experience so far ??

Pokémon Trading Card Game

Mon 27-Sep-2010 02:36
It look just like the video is played to fast. How much slower was it recorded?

Binary Art

Tue 28-Sep-2010 19:24
01101001 Sex

The two parts are complements, for a true Zen.

-- v
Yolande Rodrigues
Wed 29-Sep-2010 00:07
I can bet that if you find a *shrewd American lawyer that will charge nothing ahead you will have a case, maybe this sort of thing does not happen in Sweden but here in America (USA) it happens all the time, lawyers are hungry and vicious...

PS: No need to get rich but no need to be poor if it can be helped. What they did is despicable. Just a comment.

The Chipophone

Wed 29-Sep-2010 23:17
Seriously, i am so amazed by your work here. i still watch your clip where you play over and over and over again :)

really, good work!