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Oct 2009


Thu 1-Oct-2009 23:59

I have rebuilt craft for the second time this evening, and i wanted to contribute with something as this project is amazing and i really appreciate the effort of making it open source. I have made a PCB using the open source software KiCad under Linux. Here is a link to the files needed to recreate it (most components are smd, but making this by hand should be easy as the resistors and capacitors are 0805 and the pcb is single-sided):


Included are the KiCad project files and some other files:

* 3d rendering of the top and bottom of the PCB as jpg.

* The schematic as ps and pdf.

* The copper layer as ps and pdf.

* The copper silkscreen as ps and pdf.

* The component silkscreen as ps and pdf.

The board is 48mm x 55mm.

Hope this helps someone, feel free to use it however you like. I could make the pcb smaller, but i did not have much time as i made everything this afternoon/evening.

Linus, feel free to add these files to the download section and to use the included schematic in the description if you like, as it is a bit easier to read than the ascii one.

The hardware chiptune project

Fri 9-Oct-2009 13:35
Nice Job! Really impressive sound generated from the AVR. There was mention of a rapid prototyping method for the circuit. This is very useful information was wondering if the technique could be explained i.e. software used and methods for generating diagrams. For those who build circuits for oneself or others this is a fantastic way for assembly! much easier than referencing a schematic.


Wed 14-Oct-2009 04:44
Fratres on SID!

You are completely awesome.

Now just complete the arpeggios :)

Binary Art

Wed 14-Oct-2009 14:27
As i was inspired to contemplate binary forms and think outside the box, i came up with these:

½½½½½½½½ - uncertainty
111100§0 - something protruded from a completely different universe (btw, "they" are as astonished as we are by the sudden appearance of a "0")
00101111 - as random as it gets
00101010 - the absolute answer to the absolute question

yeah, i know, a bit on the funny side :)


The TTY demystified

Sat 17-Oct-2009 08:12
Thanks for this very good article

Analysis of the lyrics of "Voices"

Wed 21-Oct-2009 16:24
I actually think this song has a deep philosophical meaning behind it. It looks like the protagonist is going through some sort of EXISTENTIAL CRISIS, which in turn is making him turn into DEREALIZATION. I first thought about this because the line "the old man takes the poison" reminds me of Socrates. But this was until then just a personal interpretation. But then the protagonist keeps talking about turning to his religion, questions reality, morality (including AMORALISM and IMMORALISM), good vs evil, mortality and the anxiety and depression over freedom (the acceptance or rejection of it). These are signs of EXISTENTIAL CRISIS, but also NIHILISM... If you read the works of "recent" philosophers, particularly NIETZCHE but also SARTRE and even FREUD (the father of psychology draw the root of his work from philosophy), you can see a lot of their critique in the lyrics of this song.

Pedro Innecco (www.pedroinnecco.com)


Mon 26-Oct-2009 17:47
I've got only one question: are you God?


Tue 27-Oct-2009 08:17
I have previously listened to a version for Violin, String Orchestra & Percussion from a CD called "Tabula Rasa" & there's one more layer in that version. It's a violin playing what I suppose is the same theme but much faster on top of the theme you've got here.

Now I want to find out all the other versions of this piece of music. Especially one for a wind octet & percussion.


A case against syntax highlighting

Tue 27-Oct-2009 20:29