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Jag tar inget ansvar för det som skrivs i forumet, förutom mina egna inlägg. Vänligen rapportera alla inlägg som bryter mot reglerna, så ska jag se vad jag kan göra. Som regelbrott räknas till exempel förolämpningar, förtal, spam och olagligt material. Mata inte trålarna.

Sep 2011

Presentation tool

Tue 6-Sep-2011 11:18
I believe he's never heard of it ;)

The Chipophone

Tue 6-Sep-2011 15:56
It's fantastic ! Congratulations for your work and the amazing sounds you remembered me :)

The TTY demystified

Wed 7-Sep-2011 13:48
Fucking awesome. Thanks a lot for the info!
Wed 7-Sep-2011 13:49
Fucking awesome. Thanks a lot for the info!

Metroid, part 2

Wed 7-Sep-2011 13:54

Making the Chipophone

Thu 8-Sep-2011 11:19
It's simply amazing. It's all of my childhood's sounds, I'm getting emotional ahah.
Thanks a lot.

A case against syntax highlighting

Fri 9-Sep-2011 01:03
vim .vimrc
syntax on ---> syntax off
<esc> ZZ
edit a C file

It feels much better now.
I never thought about this before, I just used syntax
highlighting without thinking about its negative aspects.
The code is much readable now. I am able to concentrate more
on its content and not on how it looks.
Great article.


The TTY demystified

Fri 9-Sep-2011 14:25
Excelent article, I started to read it at work, now I'm printing it to read it more carefuly on my way home. Thanks for sharing all this!

Beagleboard stable USB EHCI hack

Sat 10-Sep-2011 18:41
Thanks, worked for me :)

Making the Chipophone

Mon 12-Sep-2011 02:01
Fantastic work Linus! David, a colleague of mine sent a link to our internal hardware development mailing list and watching the video and reading about your work has quite made my morning :)

Pipe Logic

Mon 12-Sep-2011 19:43
wow, a replacement for vhdl in (mostly) sh.... the mind boggles.

Making the Chipophone

Wed 14-Sep-2011 02:56
In case you're curious, the volume pedal design with the light and photocell is still very common. No moving parts to wear out, you see. But it is nonlinear and requires analog support circuitry....

True - I believe Allen Corporation first patented it in the US decades ago, and Rodgers organ still has an upgrade kit for their older organs that didn't have it to begin with (early 70's?). The problem that the photoresistor method solved was that simple potentiometers had a nasty tendency to get scratchy and drop outs with the heavy use a volume expression pedal gets. It's actually quite cool that this small organ had a photoresistor pedal expression in it.


Sun 18-Sep-2011 00:15
Really interesting!

The TTY demystified

Mon 19-Sep-2011 20:32
Thank you for sharing your knoledge so generously!

Analysis of the lyrics of "Voices"

Wed 21-Sep-2011 02:30
"Love, just don't stare", or you will not be able to see the whole thing.

Every one of all comments or interpretations are valid, even if eventually pointing to a wrong direction, since it can bring us to think about the theme and retrieve the right path.
The human experience is too much diverse and the thru can be found in anywhere. Remember that people trying to see the same object at the same time will, each one of them, see a different vision since they aren't at the same place in the space, and so, each one will hold your personal and unique point of view.

Thank you everyone that was added some impression about this incredible piece. My special thanks to John Petrucci and the Dream Theater that did create those "Voices"; for sure they will remain singing in my mind for a long long time.


Wed 21-Sep-2011 19:35
Hi judge Drokk its me The Alchemist I hope you remember me:)

Looking for its obscene 1 and 4 did you ever make more than 5? Got an email or phone number?

Regards Alchemist Dave

Wow......... You have done a 4-Mat of ANARCHY Tune.....!

I was in ANARCHY, (Judge Drokk) founded it in 1989, and killed it in 1993.

4-Mat was the SOn of Hubbard as far as chip music was concerned...... in my opinion.

Regards........ Oh....... And the ChipoPhone is amazing. I could watch & listen all day!

The TTY demystified

Tue 27-Sep-2011 06:01
thanks for the works!
Fri 30-Sep-2011 14:39

I am currently working on Solaris sparc 10, where i am seeing below problem with default setting.

Shell is allowing me to type in only 256 characters. e.g.

bash-3.00$ cat

If i attempt to input more data nothing happens. After going through your notes it seems like i am crossing line buff limit. If yes can you please suggest how i can increase this limit

Minal Patil