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Jul 2021

Music For Microcontrollers

Mon 5-Jul-2021 01:32
Fantastic~ Now maybe in a few years we can upgrade to some audio compression more modern than mp3, as well? :P


Mon 5-Jul-2021 14:12
Fantastic user interface :D

Jesse W Hathaway
Wed 7-Jul-2021 20:26
Really awesome! Thanks so much for the wonderful video and the great reuse of some old tech for a fun new purpose!
Fri 9-Jul-2021 08:56

Lets say I would like to reproduce this without modifying my phone. Would it be possible to make an external box with the extra two buttons to implement the same functionality?


A case against syntax highlighting

Fri 9-Jul-2021 17:16
This is certainly an interesting idea, a "feature" that I just took for granted like everyone else and haven't given much thought as to why it even exists in the first place. I suppose on first glance it looks cool, and it highlights the various syntax features of a language, but it is just doing that: highlighting the language. It doesn't do very much to really highlight the code and it's importance to the entire program, and I agree with you, it is quite distracting and makes reading the code far harder than need be.

A Mind Is Born

Matt Cordner
Mon 12-Jul-2021 08:05
I wrote a BASIC bootstrap program for Linus's code. I didn't know how to write assembly or machine code for the C64 when I was a kid but I could type in BASIC from a magazine, so I approached it from that angle. It's the first BASIC program I've written in probably 25 years.

I'm new to this forum so should I post the full BASIC program here, or a link to a text file, or a link to a .d64 file?
Matt Cordner
Mon 12-Jul-2021 08:11
I converted the a_mind_is_born.prg to DATA statements, then used POKE to write them to a separate part of ROM ($0801->$9F01, since $0801 would be where my magazine-listed BASIC program would start from).

Then the only thing I had to change was the SYS command to execute it, and the address that Linus's initialization routine copies from ($0802->$9F02)
Matt Cordner
Mon 12-Jul-2021 08:19
The next thing I want to try is to convert the machine code to BASIC subroutines. I know it won't be possible to make it run the same, but I want to see if I can produce anything that looks or sounds in a similar theme as Linus's original.


Wed 14-Jul-2021 22:47
The rotary dial has the digit 0 on the shortest travel path, the fastest digit to dial, faster than even the digit 1. On a real telephone, 0 is on the other end of the dial, the one that's slowest to dial, beyond the digit 9. This ruins part of the illusion of an old telephone for me.
Ralph Corderoy
Thu 15-Jul-2021 12:26

b_jonas wrote:

The rotary dial has the digit 0 on the shortest travel path, the fastest digit to dial, faster than even the digit 1. On a real telephone, 0 is on the other end of the dial, the one that's slowest to dial, beyond the digit 9.

This varied by country. Anti-clockwise, variations included 1234567890, 0123456789, and even 9876543210.
Ralph Corderoy
Thu 15-Jul-2021 12:29
Hi Linus, I don't think the microphone is being used? Speech recognition sounds a bit boring. One could whistle commands down it as a nod to phreaking. Or how about whistling a melody to select a matching chiptune. :-)

I thought the video could have described the Pi's connections to the phone a bit more.
Sat 17-Jul-2021 14:31
Just found this. Amazing Linus! Have you seen Jens Christian Huss' sidfactory II? - check it out!

The TTY demystified

Tue 20-Jul-2021 20:18
Why aren't UART driver in the graph for typical desktop system? From the article, it seems only the hardware of Terminal and UART are gone. UART setting still exists in later parts of the article.


Sun 25-Jul-2021 14:17
The best thing since sliced bread! Next version should use SAM speech :)