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Fugue on a theme by D. M. Hanlon

This is a SID tune that I composed for the Crack Intro Music Competition 2017 at CSDb. The rules called for a looping tune, no longer than 1 minute. I decided to write a fugue.

In the video, red notes indicate the subject of the fugue, namely the first few bass notes from David Hanlon's soundtrack for the game Enlightenment: Druid II. This song is also known colloquially as Fairlight, since Fairlight used it in many of their C64 crack intros. Blue notes indicate another bit of melody taken from the same song.

The video was created using Lilypond and a bit of scripting magic. It is best viewed in full-screen mode at 1080p.


Posted Wednesday 4-Oct-2017 21:01

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Tue 2-Oct-2018 06:07
Wow! Not just programming but also counterpoint! wish I found out about you earlier
Sun 13-Dec-2020 19:24
I love this piece so much, I arranged it for my recorder ensemble https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXdaTjApBv4
I hope you don't mind!
Linus Åkesson
Mon 14-Dec-2020 08:02
I love this piece so much, I arranged it for my recorder ensemble

Great work! Thank you!