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Feb 2022

The TTY demystified

Tue 1-Feb-2022 17:50

Massively Interleaved Sprite Crunch

Mon 14-Feb-2022 19:09
I love your Demo very much. One of the smoothest animations I ever see on the c64. The music accomplished the scene wonderfully. I like these Rhodes bell sounds with Reverb at the End of Demo of Disk 2

Great Work ! Thank you for this.


Tue 15-Feb-2022 07:35
I guess creating a port of the FM Synth/tracker would be out of the spirit of the project.

Personally once it leaves the FPGA platform, it becomes just another FM soft synth, and is not as interesting.

Parallax for piano

Thu 24-Feb-2022 13:12
Been listening to this for years and keep getting amazed how you captured the spirit and essence of this tune. All the bits I loved and remembered you somehow pulled off.
It does need a revisit in high def on youtube though!

Still listening in 2022.