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Jag tar inget ansvar för det som skrivs i forumet, förutom mina egna inlägg. Vänligen rapportera alla inlägg som bryter mot reglerna, så ska jag se vad jag kan göra. Som regelbrott räknas till exempel förolämpningar, förtal, spam och olagligt material. Mata inte trålarna.

Dec 2020

A Mind Is Born

Tue 1-Dec-2020 01:45
I thought it was a little short however. And although I am no expert in assembler nor C64, your explanations were helpful enough for me to change $41 from 3F to FF.

You can change $41 from 3F to 90


Fri 4-Dec-2020 15:22
AHH! This is so cool!

C64 Å-machine interpreter

Tue 8-Dec-2020 00:07
Hey Linus. Just experimenting with the C64 maxi, but Tethered won't run. Any clues why? It stucks with the loading interpreter screen.
Linus Åkesson
Wed 9-Dec-2020 21:30
Hi! I don't know much about the C64 Maxi, but this sounds like a problem with the fastloader. Does the Maxi provide true/accurate emulation of a 1541 disk drive? Perhaps this is something that has to be enabled explicitly?


Thu 10-Dec-2020 12:51
The identical objects example at the end of standard library chapter 11 doesn't seem to work as described.

After running, the example commands do not work. For example get boxes gives the (I only understood you as far as wanting to take something.) message.


C64 Å-machine interpreter

Thu 10-Dec-2020 14:36
Hi! This was indeed the problem!
You have to add "_AD" (for Accurate Disk) to the filename, then everything works fine. You can also load an image with REU into RAM before loading the Âmachine disk file to get support of REU. Fine, thanks for this great feature!!!

The Impossible Bottle

Fri 11-Dec-2020 03:22
Congratulations on your victory! You definitely deserved it.


Fri 11-Dec-2020 08:46
Is adding these the solution?

(plural dict (box $)) boxes
(plural dict (marble $)) marbles

There was a library change between 14 and 15

(plural dict $O)
(plural name $O)


(plural dict $)


Fri 11-Dec-2020 18:53


Fri 11-Dec-2020 23:24
Oh, I just realized that I should probably post this here:
I converted the demo to output NTSC video instead of VGA.

Youtube (60 FPS!): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JG8ai-OkMeQ

Forum post: https://forums.parallax.com/discussion/170304/ntsc-version-of-lfts-turbulence-demo

Post Scriptum: The Impossible Bottle

Sat 12-Dec-2020 00:36
I love the word "nonsequitous" (:

-Pace Smith

Fugue on a theme by D. M. Hanlon

Sun 13-Dec-2020 19:24
I love this piece so much, I arranged it for my recorder ensemble https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXdaTjApBv4
I hope you don't mind!
Linus Åkesson
Mon 14-Dec-2020 08:02
I love this piece so much, I arranged it for my recorder ensemble

Great work! Thank you!

A case against syntax highlighting

Tue 15-Dec-2020 05:59
Natural languages and computer languages though analogous, are not the same, which also applies to the issue of syntax highlighting.

For example, a simple statement "James is running" will leave nothing vague about its meaning to most English speakers, whereas the same statement in a programming language will hold a vastly different meaning depending on the definitions of "James" "is" and "running." Besides the fact that both English and this hypothetical programming language use the same symbols to represent a statement, nothing between these two cases is similar. With syntax highlighting, information that would otherwise be completely hidden, can now be revealed, helping you better understand what the statement means.

In summary by your advice, you can go a step further and just start hand writing code rather than typing it, as you'll spend more time thinking about each line, and due to how tedious it would be to fix the mistakes, you'll be more likely to avoid making errors.

Actually, quil and parchment may be the best way to code because, you know, Shakespeare.


Wed 16-Dec-2020 16:06
First: thanks for making these! I recently got a PO-20, and I'm having a great time!

Second: would you be willing to describe what notes are arp'ed by sounds 9-12? I think I understand 9 and 12, but I am not sure about the details of 10 or 11.

* 9 (arpeggio) plays the triad from the current chord, with knob A choosing the inversion and octave
* 12 (octave arp) plays the knob-A-selected note in multiple octaves

For sounds 10 and 11 (melodic and falling arp, respectively), I can tell that the "dominant" note is the one selected by knob A, but I'm not sure what the rest of the notes are and how they are related to the current chord.

Many thanks!

A case against syntax highlighting

Sun 20-Dec-2020 17:00
Wait a minute, is this linkbait? Syntax highlighting? With compilers, debuggers, code generators, visual editors, and so many other tools that are constantly abused or relied on as a crutch, you complain about syntax highlighting?

The point of this article is about syntax highlighting, not about compiler abuse. Syntax highlighting being popular among devs is not a big problem, but it is a problem, and to solve a big problem, you first have to solve the simpler problems. Syntax highlighting is one of those problems.

While I agree that some editors go overboard, I don't think you should throw the baby with the bathwater.

This article doesn't "throw the baby with the bathwater", syntax highlighting is a problem, not a good thing as the idiom implies.

Being able to step back and see the outline of your piece of code before you dive in again is extremely valuable once you grow beyond the hobbyist project.


Wintergatan Marble Machine 8-bit jam

Sat 26-Dec-2020 09:47
Very good

Parallax for piano

Sun 27-Dec-2020 09:54
end of 2020, almost 4am in the basement of a hospital. This just came on via Bitjam Radio. A+, would listen to again.

GCR decoding on the fly

Tue 29-Dec-2020 05:35
Hi - Great piece of work. Inspiring and so creative in its approach.

I just heard that Krill has now posted a x50 fastloader on a stock 1541: