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Oct 2023

The Impossible Bottle

Sun 8-Oct-2023 16:33
might have found a bug: when the stegosaurus knocks stuff off the house, sometimes you can't put them back, almost like a "room fullness" counter isn't properly decreased...

Platform Hopping

Wed 11-Oct-2023 04:13
looking a bit at the sample data, and noticed a few things that might be interesting:

1) it appears all samples are effectively 7-bit depth, complete with clamping when going to 0/128 (inclusive, interestingly enough).
this also happens to be the same bit depth as the NES's DMC direct load register. coincidence? i think not.

2) all unused sample values in a page are set to AA. was half-expecting some interleaved code or something, but considering how much ram is left (like 40k or something silly like that) that would not be worth the effort.

3) any reason the triangle generator can't be reused for a generic wavetable? that could make this just about useful for more normal tunes

The Swan

Sat 14-Oct-2023 00:06
If you could find a way to warm up the timbre so it is less sawtoothy, that would please cellists like myself more, but I like the expressive use of timing, the vibrato applied to longer tones and overall interpretation of the piece. Combined with the technical feat of doing it in such as small space, it is very impressive!

A Mind Is Born

Sat 14-Oct-2023 00:34
Running this on Vice doesn't work. it plays the first 0.1 to 1 seconds of it, then resets.

The Commodordion

Sun 15-Oct-2023 18:30
Fantastic! An amazing coordination of software, electronics, and squishy hardware. And I deeply respect your use of floppy disks and duct tape - not to mention your virtuosity with the keyboard.

One thought about the means to measure airflow - since airflow is generally proportional to pressure differential, have your considered the use of a differential pressure sensor? One side exposed to the interior of the bellows, and one side to atmosphere outside - via short pieces of tubing or hose if convenient. This could be separated from your main air vent, which itself could be made from a piece of hose if you would like it to be a little quieter than a simple hole. The advantages of a pressure sensor would include responsiveness, as well as removing the need to heavily filter its output to remove noise as you mentioned you do with the microphone method. Also, you could have separate response curves for squeezing versus stretching... and still apply your gamma function or any other you choose...

The Datassettes

Mon 16-Oct-2023 11:24
In the sidebar under "Featured pages" where it links to this post, please list it with the link text "Datassettes", to be in line with links to other posts whose title starts with "The", such as https://linusakesson.net/games/the-impossible-bottle/index.php https://linusakesson.net/sixtyforgan/index.php https://linusakesson.net/music/paulimba/index.php .
Linus Åkesson
Mon 16-Oct-2023 12:21
Fixed. Thanks!


Sun 29-Oct-2023 23:10
In a thread involving implementing a "Talk To" rule to Dialog, you mentioned you would consider adding it to the library.

Any further thoughts?

Thank you.