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Jul 2009

SID theme search engine

Fri 3-Jul-2009 03:36
You could use this technology to automatically find loop points (the longest repeat of the time examined). Now we can have a player with a working time-slider and DJ mixing.
Also, this can solve a big problem of dups in HSVC.
You can leave only the shortest (code) version of dup'ed tunes.
You could also find extended/remixed versions or similiarity matching. You could convert to MIDI.
Fri 3-Jul-2009 03:42
You could also quantize notes to perfectize tunes, with buggy players. You could auto-classify 2x players etc. You could auto-detect digis and extract to wav. The problem of melodies bouncing between channels is easily solved - on the other hand, you can intentionally bounce between channels for stereo play mode. You can convert all sidtunes to a universal player format. Try making a universal data format of time,register,value triplets. Compress intelligently. I can imagine algorithms to compress very well....

The hardware chiptune project

Fri 3-Jul-2009 03:54
Really cool. This is also one of the first things I did in 2001 with my first AVR project. I did a rendition of Zoolook, but only with pulze waves.
Some other variations: using 9 colors of c64 video to create sound (with loud buzzing from vsync!), using sp of CIA (8bit autoshift register) to create stereo pwm dac (I never saw anyone else do this, they were always hooking up parallel dac0808).
One could make an exact sid replacement in microcontroller.
I always wanted to make a portable music toy to capture/compose musical ideas on the go .. like coffeeshop. Inspriation hits at odd times, sometimes upon waking.


Sat 4-Jul-2009 13:37
That's amazing! Did you write it from the scratch or did you use some kind of compiler?
Sun 5-Jul-2009 18:26
That's amazing! Did you write it from the scratch or did you use some kind of compiler?

What's amazing is when you posted.

(fortune cookie)

Tue 7-Jul-2009 13:16
What about tomorrow?


Linus Åkesson
Wed 8-Jul-2009 16:29
That's amazing! Did you write it from the scratch or did you use some kind of compiler?

I wrote it from scratch, but with plenty of comments and whitespace to keep everything straight in my poor head. =)

A case against syntax highlighting

Mon 13-Jul-2009 23:26
Thanks for making me more aware of this. I completely agree with lft, I also agree with the others but I think some are missing his point. Basically I see it as this:

When syntax highlighting is distracting, turn it off.
When syntax highlighting is useful, turn it on.


Thu 16-Jul-2009 19:44
Very good mathematical description. Great!

I hear it in a concert at Lent. It goes very deep into heart if you hear it in a church...

Do you know something about the religious sense? Why "Fratres" = "brothers"?
Linus Åkesson
Sun 19-Jul-2009 18:04
Do you know something about the religious sense? Why "Fratres" = "brothers"?

No, not as such. I know that Pärt was longing for spiritualism in a country where religion was more or less outlawed by the communist regime. This has, I think, clearly affected the music, and probably the title, although I'm not aware of any specific symbolism.

The remote control project

Thu 23-Jul-2009 12:00

lft wrote:

basafa wrote:

Can you send me circuit & Atmega88 source program of your remote control project ?

Thanks for showing an interest in my project!

Unfortunately, the remote control project is somewhat ad hoc, and has evolved
since I described it on this page. It would be difficult for me to create a
useful software/schematic combination at this point.

plz email me ur source code....and any details on decoding Universal Remote Control...

Doesnt mater if it doesn't work directly. because i just want to use it for reference to decode the remote control.

Pankaj Agrawal
pankajvisitme [at] gmail com


Sat 25-Jul-2009 16:24
Really impressive work! Found you during research for PAL Signals...
Wed 29-Jul-2009 21:54
Man you rocks!!! Reminded me oldschool times.

The TTY demystified

Thu 30-Jul-2009 13:07
Thanks for the article, really helped !
Thu 30-Jul-2009 19:09
Thankyou, I found this to be an excellent TTY primer.
Fri 31-Jul-2009 22:14
Good tips =)