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Sep 2022

C64 Theremin

Fri 2-Sep-2022 13:12
Please share the C64 code and diagram to connect the user port.

Sat 3-Sep-2022 15:43
Very nice post, I am also interested in schematics and code!
Sat 3-Sep-2022 17:58
Me too. ;)
Schematics & Code would be fantastic!
Maybe with a donate-link?

A case against syntax highlighting

Thu 8-Sep-2022 00:41
You've fucked many fake developers who always think syntax highlighting is the key to increase their productivity.

"No true Scotsman" fallacy

C64 Theremin

Thu 8-Sep-2022 22:47
Nice Job. I wouldn't be upset if this got posted to GitHub. Either way, cool and thanks! =)

Partita Prelude for 8-Bit Ensemble

Fri 16-Sep-2022 10:02
Hi! Love this. Could we get a recording of just the solo? And maybe if it's not too much work, the solo & continuo?