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I created an algorithm to automatically generate sokoban problems of increasing difficulty. Check it out! The first levels are trivial, but somewhere around level 10, perhaps 15, you will find that the puzzles are becoming quite challenging. Read more.

Posted Tuesday 24-Jun-2008 16:03, 101 comments.

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C64 Å-machine interpreter

My two text games Tethered and Pas De Deux are now available for the Commodore 64. Read more.

Posted Monday 25-Nov-2019 20:57, 3 comments.

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Earthworm Quest

Earthworm Quest was my contribution to the ITG programming challenge at Birdie 17. Read more.

Posted Monday 11-Jun-2007 06:57, 5 comments.

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This is a console (ncurses) version of the popular and addictive solitaire game Freecell. Read more.

Posted Wednesday 26-Sep-2007 16:39, 7 comments.

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llbit and I made a game. It started out as a weekend project, but we threw in a couple of more days of work to brush it up for the Game compo at Revision 2013, where it placed 2nd. Read more.

  • gravazoid (Linux i386 and Windows binaries, 393.2 kB)

Posted Monday 6-May-2013 21:17, 8 comments.

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Named after one of the characteristic features of the SID chip, Hardsync is a C64 party game that follows in the (wait for it...) footsteps of games like Dance Dance Revolution and StepMania. Read more.

Posted Thursday 8-Nov-2012 14:23, 12 comments.

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Klämrisk Hero

Yarrick and I party-coded this pinnacle of edutainment at Breakpoint 2010, where, to our surprise, it won the 96k game compo. Read more.

  • Klämrisk Hero (Source code and binaries for linux and windows, 524.8 kB)

Posted Friday 9-Apr-2010 16:24, 5 comments.

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Pas De Deux

Pas De Deux was my entry in the 25th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition (IFComp 2019). It ended up on 24rd place, out of 82 games. Read more.

Posted Monday 18-Nov-2019 21:12, 0 comments.

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"Driving along the highway, you suddenly realize that you are almost out of petrol. Fearing a breakdown, you leave the highway at the first turn-off. You end up in a small village, and find your way to the local petrol station. But you soon realize that refueling your car and leaving the village isn't going to be on the top ten list of easy things to do..." Read more.

Posted in ancient times, 7 comments.

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Stranded for the C64

Almost out of petrol, you leave the motorway at the first exit. You find your way to the local petrol station. But you soon realise that refueling your car and leaving the village will be more challenging than you thought... Read more.

Posted Thursday 21-Sep-2017 19:40, 0 comments.

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Tethered is my debut work of interactive fiction. It was entered into the prestigious IFComp (Interactive Fiction Competition) of 2018, and ended up on 23rd place out of 77 games. Read more.

Posted Saturday 17-Nov-2018 22:40, 9 comments.

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The evolution of C64 games 1982–2023

A brief illustrated history of Commodore 64 games accompanied by that cello piece by Bach performed on the C=TAR. Read more.

Posted Friday 19-Jan-2024 08:33, 6 comments.

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The Impossible Bottle

Yikes! It seems I won the 26th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition! That is to say, The Impossible Bottle got a tied 1st place, which is still top-two out of 103 games. Read more.

Posted Sunday 6-Dec-2020 15:09, 8 comments.

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Zeugma is a modern, highly optimised, open-source Z-machine implementation for the 6502 processor family. It is designed around a virtual memory model, where pages are retrieved on demand from an external storage resource, 512 KB in size, which must be preloaded with the game file. Read more.

Posted Thursday 22-Aug-2013 23:14, 32 comments.