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Jag tar inget ansvar för det som skrivs i forumet, förutom mina egna inlägg. Vänligen rapportera alla inlägg som bryter mot reglerna, så ska jag se vad jag kan göra. Som regelbrott räknas till exempel förolämpningar, förtal, spam och olagligt material. Mata inte trålarna.

May 2024

Live at Fjälldata 2024

Wed 8-May-2024 12:21
What a treat! AND glad Reyn's still around and pushing keys! Thank you both for this wonderful cooperation. =)


Monti On The 'Bin

Thu 9-May-2024 05:25
Question: I see in the opening shot of this and the Partita Prelude that you are holding a knob with your non-keyboard-playing hand. I read the explanations on these pages, listened to your descriptions, but never hear you address what this does. The setup closeup of equipment only appears to show a bread board, but with no knob. Can you please point me to the article on your forum where that is explained? Thank you!

It's a simple volume control made with a fader-type potentiometer.


Sat 11-May-2024 09:05
Good morning,
I really like the sfx.c part and I integrated it into a program, I like the idea of embedding the melody, rather than having to access external files (mid, wav, etc. ), for practical reasons, and for the possibility of playing the desired part.
But the coding of the melody (the song[] data) is difficult to understand, and above all, I would like to use my own melodies. Can you explain to me the format used for the data?
Thanks in advance.

The TTY demystified

Tue 21-May-2024 06:21
Thanks for the super informative blog, I've been trying to understand tty and terminal in general, but like what you said in the beginning, there isn't much information about how it all works, I really appreciate your effort sharing this out!