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Dec 2011

The hardware chiptune project

Sun 4-Dec-2011 13:30
Amazing work! congrats..... Darkangel of Ex-Unreal

The TTY demystified

Mon 12-Dec-2011 03:22
This was enormously informative and helpful. I've bookmarked it for future use. Thank you!

The Swan

Fri 16-Dec-2011 14:58
Hee there,

I love listening to your Swan version, could you perhaps play some more with this? I grew up in these basic sounds
With kind regards,



Fri 16-Dec-2011 16:23
Riktigt skön.

A case against syntax highlighting

August Karlstrom
Tue 20-Dec-2011 22:46
Interesting article and I agree wholeheartedly. My preference is to use different colors only for comments and strings (which are typically the only symbols which can contain whitespace). I also use a variable width sans serif typeface and tabs for indentation. The overall goal is to keep things simple. My observation is that the more "smart" tools we use, the more complicated code we tend to write and this is certainly not a good thing.

The TTY demystified

Wed 21-Dec-2011 03:20
I am trying to solve a mystery with certain services started at reboot or via a root crontab.
These sercvices seem to fail, unless I login to a shell that has a proper TTY setup
(eg: PuTTY of any type of ssh session)
If I start up these services with a proper tty, they work and continue to run.
My theory is that on reboot or via root crontab there is no tty.

How can I create a psuedo tty master/slave pair underwhich to run these services so they work, with me doing a manual ssh login......?

Larry Wichter

The bitbuf

Thu 22-Dec-2011 14:54
Would love to buy one!
Thu 22-Dec-2011 18:23
You should definitely keep working with this. I would absolutely buy one.
Thu 22-Dec-2011 18:33
Awesome! (As everything you do).

What are your favourite D/A converters?
Thu 22-Dec-2011 22:21
Well, I know that I would buy one...
Thu 22-Dec-2011 22:56
Sell this as it is and you will make millions. Reserve one for me please!
Fri 23-Dec-2011 00:38
What a wonderful instrument & a GREAT performance!

I too would LOVE an instrument like this - PLEASE let us know if you do decide to develop this or even kits of the bitbuf!

Suggestions - not too many. Perhaps stereo, with each 'part' being panned? Macro keys for different drum patterns & the ability to string them together as you do with the keyboard parts? Additional tempo divisions for the 'glitch' effect and the ability to have the glitch on just the drums?

Fantastic instrument - I sincerely hope you develop it further and consider making a version/kit for others to play!

Merry Christmas!
Fri 23-Dec-2011 10:00
make some kits,build some more ,or put the schematics online,
it's already finished enough as it is.
( or perhaps single outputs per part, if that's possible.)
Fri 23-Dec-2011 11:26
Keep it up, I love the simplicity of it.

And you should put them up for sale at some point, I'd love a setup, like the one you're demoing here, to play with.
Fri 23-Dec-2011 15:15
I will buy one !!!

Can you change de length of a note ?
Fri 23-Dec-2011 15:35
Linus, I'd love to buy a kit! Merry Christmas!!
Fri 23-Dec-2011 16:06
I'm totally in love with the BitBuf... Any chances to buy you a DIY kit or schemes to build one ?
Fri 23-Dec-2011 16:44
This is freaking gorgeous. I want, I want, I want. Can you put up schematics and code?
Fri 23-Dec-2011 17:14
Schematics would be the best christmas present for many of us 8bit lovers and tinkerers!
Happy new year :D
Fri 23-Dec-2011 17:26
This is awesome, I love the glitch feature too. Well thought out and executed.
Thanks for sharing this.
Fri 23-Dec-2011 18:04
Check http://www.kickstarter.com/ for funding.
Fri 23-Dec-2011 18:27
I'm an electronic musician, but haven't really ever gotten seriously into the chiptune movement. I'd still buy (or build) one of these without a 2nd thought! One of the most robust and professional-quality homebrew electronics projects I've ever seen!
Fri 23-Dec-2011 18:34
Would reaaaaaaaally love to see some schematics and code for this, would love to make me one of these!
Fri 23-Dec-2011 18:43
If you sold kits of this, there would be a ton of interest I'd bet. Very nice stuff, I enjoy all the various projects you have posted here.
Fri 23-Dec-2011 18:56
This looks like a wonderful tool for chiptune. A nice looking case, with proper button caps, labelled panel, and retro style graphic logo would be some good finishig touches.
Many people would like to have one of these. You should produce this as a kit or complete unit, as adafruit industries does with the xoxbox.
Fri 23-Dec-2011 18:58
Really well done, very polished in this form, lot of thought and engineering.

Hack-A-Day picked up the story, which is where I found it:
Fri 23-Dec-2011 19:12
I was so much in love whith your chipophone yet but it seems to be a good solution for carry everywhere. I would love to buy one !!!!

Thing On A Spring

Fri 23-Dec-2011 19:17
Hubbard reused a lot of his work in other pieces for the C64 (a common practice at the time). I think this was used for a skating game as well... it's been YEARS since my C64 still worked...

The bitbuf

Fri 23-Dec-2011 19:36
wow, i would have one! what is make and model of the keyboard?
Fri 23-Dec-2011 19:37
well, definitly this is an awesome thing! i was thinking doing the same one time, but havent done even prototype to program and never expected to see something like that functionality. truly a masterpiece of MCU programming, would build one for myself if you decide to make it opensource and post schematics and firmware. great work anyway!
Fri 23-Dec-2011 19:37
I would love source ode and schematics.
Fri 23-Dec-2011 19:38
Let me guess, you had to make this amazing contraption after you finally found a song that you weren't able to play live on the chipophone? :D
Fri 23-Dec-2011 19:46
Mass market this bitch. I want one. Also schematics. Take my money.
Fri 23-Dec-2011 20:11
To quote Philip J Fry from the TV show Futurama; "Shut up and take my money!" This is simply hands down the best thing I've ever seen or heard moving electrical current do since the first time I turned on a video game system as a kid in the mid 1980's. Turn this into a unit, I will buy it. Sell it as a kit, I will buy it. Ask for donations, I will donate. Charming multiple layered classic sound without any perceivable emulation noise. Your demonstration shows it to be incredibly intuitive and user friendly, even as a proto board! Simply remarkable. I know of nothing on the audio equipment market today that even comes close to what I have just seen. Bravo!


Fri 23-Dec-2011 20:40
could you please play DNA-Dream by 4-Mat on the chipophone? It would make me very happy. :)

The bitbuf

Fri 23-Dec-2011 20:49
Fri 23-Dec-2011 21:37
Really good. You're clearly influenced by the SID! It would be wonderful if you could open source it, i've recently done that with a midibox synth related project and I've had great joy finding out what people can do with my code!
Fri 23-Dec-2011 22:23
I would love to have one or more of these!
Fri 23-Dec-2011 22:50
I think it's a great project, when i saw the chipophone i was so envious, now i have no words, i also think this is buyiable so my support on that aspect too, probably if you go to kickstarter you'll rise enough money to open your own synth company.

Also some tutorial for the comunity will be much apreciated :)

best wishes and good luck
Fri 23-Dec-2011 23:32
This site needs an RSS feed!
Fri 23-Dec-2011 23:49
I would really like to build or buy one!
Sat 24-Dec-2011 00:21
Would love to buy one!

^^^^^ that! and merry Christmas!
Sat 24-Dec-2011 03:11
Would love to buy one!

^^^^^ that! and merry Christmas!

Sat 24-Dec-2011 03:54
Wow what a stunning device! As with everyone else I hope you do indeed make this available somehow.
Sat 24-Dec-2011 04:04
That is awesome, please make it open, I´ll make music.
Sat 24-Dec-2011 04:07
That is awesome, please make it open, I´ll make music.
Sat 24-Dec-2011 04:08
I would love to see the micro's source. That's fantastic what you pulled off.
Sat 24-Dec-2011 06:41
Great job Linus, been a long time fan of your projects. If you ever decide to release .hex files I'll probably end up soldering one of these together :)
Sat 24-Dec-2011 10:45
i would definitely buy one. just make sure it has midi sync for jamming with other gear.
Sat 24-Dec-2011 12:28
Sat 24-Dec-2011 12:31
Is it possible to sync it to incomming MIDI timing? If it is, i will buy one on the spot. You could perhaps sell it as kits, that would save you for alot of soldering ;-)
Sat 24-Dec-2011 15:18
can i has to buy it?

Pipe Logic

Sat 24-Dec-2011 17:20
If there is a NAND, people will build computers. I've seen that effect with Minecraft. But using unix pipes is just awesome, too :D

Came here to mention Minecraft. As someone who's built some logic gates in the game I should point out that the basic unit in Minecraft is actually the NOR gate, not NAND gate, but this doesn't make much difference as both of those are functionally complete, meaning anything can be built using them. The Apollo Guidance Computer, for example, was built entirely from NOR gates, while I believe modern computers tend to be based on NANDs.

The bitbuf

Sat 24-Dec-2011 19:14
I loved your chipophone organ mod, but bitbuf is really a mature product which I believe would have real commercial appeal. I know I want one! :-) Well done.
Sat 24-Dec-2011 19:27
Hej Linus!

Jag skulle köpa en, det verkar riktigt häftigt!
En sak som jag skulle vilja se först är en metronom istället för en blinkande led för att se tempot, eller att kunna välja mellan att kunna höra takten när man spelar in. Det skulle hjälpa mig enormt.

Jag vill verkligen ha en! (om den inte kostar alldeles för mycket dvs.)
Kontakta mig genom mail på knerpan@gmail.com om du vill och har tid!

Mvh Jonatan
Hernandi Krammes
Sat 24-Dec-2011 19:46
This is realy programming art.
I am pleased hearing for the achived great performance with a microcontroler and a skiled mind.
You are better than Philip Glass.
Good xmas and new year.
Sun 25-Dec-2011 00:06
damn! this patterns can't get out of my head...
nice perfomance. i also have a midi keyboard, avr's and really want to play with this device. ^^
Sun 25-Dec-2011 07:41
This is pretty cool! It is great that you can do that in hardware, when will you share the plans? You mentioned Korg DS-10, but you should check out Rhythm Core Alpha on the Nintendo DSi and 3DS. It does all of the looping and chord stuff that this does and a lot more, and it's only a $5 or 5 Euro download in the DSiWare Shop or 3DS eShop.
Sun 25-Dec-2011 08:28
Dude. I want this so bad. Really.

If you sell it, I will buy it. Like honestly, I haven't wanted something like this in my entire life. Ever.

Hats off to you for creating something this brilliant.
Sun 25-Dec-2011 10:20
I love it! I would really want to buy one, or build one, if you share hardware schematics and software.

Also, great live performance dude. Share it with people! Record your live performances and put it on the Soundcloud, for example.


Think Twice III

Sun 25-Dec-2011 14:32
I've already watched this too many times and made my friends watch it.
For the first part of the song you have a fixed camera setup - can you tell me how you sync those? I assume it was all filmed in one take and you probably use some free software. Also, are they webcams or something else?

The hardware chiptune project

Sun 25-Dec-2011 15:40
Would It Be possible to do this but useing a Commodore SID Chip for audio??

The bitbuf

Sun 25-Dec-2011 16:40
I've been working on the same thing for a few moths right now. But what you have made... Really impressive. I'll just stop writing my shitcode and wait, until you release this cool thingy.
Sun 25-Dec-2011 16:43
As a suggestion - make an hardware "upgrade". I know that artificially made lack of computing power leads to creativity - but don't overkill with this. This can also lead to lack of awesome features and possible future updates.
Mon 26-Dec-2011 01:19
Sorry ladies, this hunk appears taken
Mon 26-Dec-2011 03:28
Amazing work. I don't know what I want more, schematics for the device, or a full length album with you rocking out on it.
Mon 26-Dec-2011 03:46
I think this is a wonderful project you have created here. I am not sure what you are planing on doing with the concept now that you have a working model but let me throw some ideas at you.

1. Sell it as a kit yourself - This would be a great way to make some money and share your product but it would require quite a bit of work on your part.
2. Sell your design to a company like adafruit - you would still make money and it would possibly take less work on your part.
3. Open source the design - You could provide files to make a PCB, a BOM and the code for everyone to make their own. You could do this and still provide kits or just PCBs.
4. Some combination of the previous 3
5. Do nothing with it and for others to make up their own project.

I really hope to see you do something with this, if I could buy one for $50-$100 I would pick one up tonight.

Mon 26-Dec-2011 04:03
Forgot to mention that my girl and I think that this is a wonderful piece of art you have created. The improve, the synth + it's design and the fact you put this out there for everyone is awesome.

Mon 26-Dec-2011 08:57
Gimme. (Also, if you're actually planning on starting to sell these, please don't make it too terribly overpriced?)
Mon 26-Dec-2011 14:21
I think this can sell for $300 +

I would buy this for $400!
Mon 26-Dec-2011 22:58
Grymt! Det byggs många konstiga musikmakapärer, både bra och dåliga, men det är sällan dess skapare kan ge ett ok demo av dem, det här låter helt fantastiskt!
Om du inte har några kommersiella planer måste du åtminstone släppa källkod / schema. Föredömligt minimalistisk hårdvara också.
Tue 27-Dec-2011 01:53
i want to know how you made this and if you plan on mass producing this. i would by it like no ones business.

Still Alive

Tue 27-Dec-2011 03:39
Maybe Gabriela's voice should be mixed a little louder?

This. Otherwise great work, as usual. I LOVE the Chipophone! It's great on so many levels...

The bitbuf

Tue 27-Dec-2011 08:40
I look forward to building one!
Wed 28-Dec-2011 02:10
I'd build a kit, lovely programming and elegantly delivered, good demo.

Additions: hmm, mixer section if the minipots are not already doing that.
Stereo could be coded for pan rather than tweaked for panning, say set an arc of 7 possible pan positions.
A phase routine would be good but I suppose that's external efx.

Breakout board for individual outs as an option, or at least pcb solder pads on the board for those who want to go there. pcb midi jacks and a wall wart dc input jack, 9v uniersal. 9v battery option? On/off switch. midid receive send led. Needs a protective case like the shruthi or wtpa? Both have nice acrylic cases, so you may want to talk with olivier and Todd about that. At a minimum the caspar electronics dronemaster style case does provide good protection.
Clumsy players in darkened bars will want larger buttons, no offense but you are very tidy and precise (which is why you finished it so well of course.) That makes you atypical of a user, sadly.

Kit? Yes: but be careful about how you pacakge shipping the atmeg. I've had issues with that.

Using lsdj, dm8, sammichsid and that sort of chiptune thing at present and loads of analog.

lorne in Canada
Wed 28-Dec-2011 02:14
me again, forgot to say 512 meg memory chip, lcd to show library? Borrow the sd card design that todd has already designed? www.narrat1ve.com
Wed 28-Dec-2011 02:17
and one more comment: www.kickstarter.com to fund production costs. see quneo for an outrageous example of success.
Thu 29-Dec-2011 04:17
This is inspiring. I would absolutely buy this and put it to amazing use. I've been using LSDJ and nanoloop for a while but I've never liked having to program the loops ahead of time. I play piano live, and this would ultimately satisfy every need I would ever have for performing. I'd like to mention that I'm an in no way tech savvy. I would never be able to build one of these if you were ever to simply release the instructions... So I beg you. Please please please offer an option to acquire one pre-built.
Just for reference, what keyboard is that?
Thu 29-Dec-2011 12:19
For the love of god Linus - make turn this into a kickstarter project. The world needs a bitbuf kit! Just make sure we can export/load via sysex or via, for example, an sd-card.

You are beyond amazing!

// christoffer, umeå

Elements of Chip Music

Thu 29-Dec-2011 22:12
Great presentation. Another good example of chip music on real instruments is Russian balalayka, arpeggio is very common. Just listen to Aleksei Arkhipovsky playing "Mission Impossible theme" (video available on Youtube).

The bitbuf

Fri 30-Dec-2011 06:19
I see a lot of comments about what features you should add... I'd just like to say that I'm a huge fan of how simple and easy Bitbuf is to use. Adding an army of random features (like support for some add-on I've never heard of) would turn me away. Really, I'd be happy with buying the board as it is right now.


Sat 31-Dec-2011 10:33
nihao! I'm a student from china.I am very interested in your work.Can you give me more details about all Data or the Electronic Components List,thank you this is my
gmail wkp1517@gmail.com. Thank you!!! >_<

The bitbuf

Sat 31-Dec-2011 11:28
Yes i would realy like to buy one :)
Sat 31-Dec-2011 11:30
Yes i would like to buy this , Bra jobbat !
Sat 31-Dec-2011 14:59
Nice work! How did you connect the MIDI cable to the USART?

The hardware chiptune project

Sat 31-Dec-2011 21:39
I was trying to compile your project, but got stuck on the file exported.s.
How do I get the tracker to export that file?

Sat 31-Dec-2011 21:44
hehe. Got it to work. should probably read the README first :P

For everyone else, its the % key :)

Great project,