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My name is Linus Åkesson, though some of you may know me as lft. I live in Lund, Sweden.

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Craverly Heights in Dialog

In 2014, Ryan Veeder released a small text game called Craverly Heights, along with its Inform 7 source code. He has kindly allowed me to port this game to Dialog, and display the two implementations side by side in order to highlight similarities and differences between the two languages. Read more.

Posted Friday 10-Jan-2020 07:53, 1 comment.

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C64 Å-machine interpreter

My two text games Tethered and Pas De Deux are now available for the Commodore 64. Read more.

Posted Monday 25-Nov-2019 21:57, 0 comments.

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Pas De Deux

Pas De Deux was my entry in the 25th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition (IFComp 2019). It ended up on 24rd place, out of 82 games. Read more.

Posted Monday 18-Nov-2019 22:12, 0 comments.

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Xyzzy Award 2018

Yay! Dialog got the 2018 Xyzzy Award for Best Technological Development. Read more.

Posted Sunday 18-Aug-2019 08:53, 4 comments.

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The Å-machine

The Å-machine is a virtual machine for delivering interactive stories. It is designed for stories implemented in the Dialog programming language. Read more.

Posted Tuesday 4-Jun-2019 07:28, 13 comments.

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Dialog is a domain-specific language for creating works of interactive fiction. It is heavily inspired by Inform 7 (Graham Nelson et al. 2006) and Prolog (Alain Colmerauer et al. 1972). Read more.

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Posted Thursday 22-Nov-2018 22:18, 40 comments.

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Tethered is my debut work of interactive fiction. It was entered into the prestigious IFComp (Interactive Fiction Competition) of 2018, and ended up on 23rd place out of 77 games. Read more.

Posted Saturday 17-Nov-2018 23:40, 8 comments.

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