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My name is Linus Åkesson, though some of you may know me as lft. I live in Lund, Sweden.

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Stein Pedersen's Nocturne

A beautiful SID tune by Stein Pedersen appears at the very end of the Commodore 64 demo 2011 — A Press Space Odyssey by Offence. Here I've adapted it into a piano exercise for the left hand. Read more.

Posted Wednesday 6-Dec-2017 08:37, 0 comments.

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IFComp 2017 reviews, second batch

Here is my second batch of reviews for the Interactive Fiction Competition 2017. Read more.

Posted Monday 13-Nov-2017 22:51, 0 comments.

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Assorted hats worn by composer in a cryptic crossword

I've composed another cryptic crossword. Admittedly, the grid layout leaves something to be desired, but I'm rather proud of some of the clues. Please enjoy responsibly! Read more.

Posted Thursday 26-Oct-2017 21:43, 0 comments.

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IFComp 2017 reviews, first batch

It's October, and time for the annual Interactive Fiction Competition. This is the 23rd year of the venerable “comp”, and a record-breaking 80 entries have been submitted. As usual, I'm playing through the games and voting (and so can you!). This year, I'll also be posting commentary on some of the games here. Read more.

Posted Wednesday 11-Oct-2017 21:08, 0 comments.

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Fugue on a theme by D. M. Hanlon

This is a SID tune that I composed for the Crack Intro Music Competition 2017 at CSDb. The rules called for a looping tune, no longer than 1 minute. I decided to write a fugue. Read more.

Posted Wednesday 4-Oct-2017 23:01, 0 comments.

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Field Sort

I've discovered a new, fast technique for sorting sprites by Y-position on the Commodore 64. While it doesn't beat the fastest routine known, it strikes a good balance between speed and memory usage, and it makes use of several interesting low-level programming tricks. To see how it works, please come with me down the rabbit hole of bleeding-edge C64 programming! Read more.

Posted Sunday 24-Sep-2017 23:00, 0 comments.

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Glyptodont was my contribution to the C64 music compo at Datastorm 2017 Summer Edition. It achieved a meager 5th place out of six, although that is perhaps to be expected for a pensive and melancholic tune. I hope you will enjoy it anyway! Read more.

Posted Thursday 21-Sep-2017 21:42, 0 comments.

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