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Aug 2015

A case against syntax highlighting

Fri 14-Aug-2015 22:30
Computer code isn't meant to be read like a text file. It's about structure, containment (in blocks defined by {} in C, C++). Syntax highlighting makes that structure transparent, until you need to read or edit it. For control structures, once they are in place and correct I don't need to look at them again and syntax highlighting, again, makes that transparent.

Try Solarized or some other syntax highlighting scheme that doesn't have sharp color differences.

While code is a text file, it is not prose, but really a document that relies on structure which doesn't have to be parsed along with the contents it contains.

The TTY demystified

Sat 15-Aug-2015 19:45
amazingly clear on a very fundamental piece of technology that I never really knew about. Just the build up of the subject is a great way to approach any kind of technical writing. I'll definitely keep this post in mind when I try to tackle writing about a complicated technical subject.
Sun 16-Aug-2015 03:57
"yes" program , produced in 2009 !

Thank you David McKenzie for your contribution to open source community !

I am just wondering what in your background that enabled the FSF to accept such worthless contribution ?

Member of what masonic lodge or what church or son of a war hero or billonarties you have to be so they accept that piece of crap ?

For reference:

yes command - otputs a line on tty until killed !

coded and added to Linux in 2009.

The yes command appeared in Version 7 AT&T UNIX.
The code for this in GNU is ridiculously long, but in other systems, the code is shorter than the license or the above comment
#include <stdio.h>

main(int argc, char *argv[])
if (argc > 1)
for (;;)
for (;;)
David Lindsay
Tue 18-Aug-2015 16:55
This is really cool. I've just discovered this; I might have more to add after I've properly read through it. While I remember, though, I want to mention one of the better resources I've found for terminal escape sequences: an old online manpage for dtterm(5), at


Also, the following Github Gist is updated extremely frequently (6 days ago, as I type this); it tracks terminal support for 24-bit color, a fairly new capability that's slowly gaining traction. You should be able to just expect it to be available 3-5 years from now; terminals in hyper-current distros like Arch likely have the support already.


The remote control project

Sat 22-Aug-2015 12:17
Hi. I have also a creative t6060
I opened a high bass music and probably burned some parts of circuit. Could you help me



Mon 24-Aug-2015 23:12
This one seems impossible: