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Beagleboard no-pop hack

When you close the audio playback channel on a beagleboard running Linux (I'm running the Launchpad beagleboard-kernel, but I'm not aware of any version where this has been fixed), you get a really loud "pop" five seconds later when the driver removes power from the playback hardware. Here's a simple hack to prevent that from happening. Read more.

  • no-pop (Patch file, 662 bytes)

Posted Tuesday 22-Dec-2009 15:52, 6 comments.

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Blackbird is a modern music editor for the Commodore 64. It was released at Datastorm 2017 (outside of the compos). The software has been designed to work well both on real hardware and in emulators, and it comes with a comprehensive User's Guide. Read more.

Posted Wednesday 15-Mar-2017 07:09, 8 comments.

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C64 Å-machine interpreter

My two text games Tethered and Pas De Deux are now available for the Commodore 64. Read more.

Posted Monday 25-Nov-2019 20:57, 3 comments.

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Dialog is a domain-specific language for creating works of interactive fiction. It is heavily inspired by Inform 7 (Graham Nelson et al. 2006) and Prolog (Alain Colmerauer et al. 1972). Read more.

(show 42 more files)

Posted Thursday 22-Nov-2018 21:18, 56 comments.

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Earthworm Quest

Earthworm Quest was my contribution to the ITG programming challenge at Birdie 17. Read more.

Posted Monday 11-Jun-2007 06:57, 5 comments.

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This is a console (ncurses) version of the popular and addictive solitaire game Freecell. Read more.

Posted Wednesday 26-Sep-2007 16:39, 7 comments.

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Pipe Logic

Delightfully useless epiphany: Suppose the null-byte is an electron. Then, /dev/zero provides an infinite supply of electrons and /dev/null has an infinite appetite for them. Let's call these devices Vss and Vdd, respectively. Read more.

Posted Tuesday 2-Aug-2011 09:48, 26 comments.

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Plasma is a small (637 lines of source code) tool for compiling and concatenating propeller assembly language (PASM) and binary data. It extends PASM with some new features, most notably ARM-like constant pools. Read more.

Posted Monday 11-May-2009 16:47, 4 comments.

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Qwertuoso is a small program for playing SID music live on a Commodore 64. Read more.

Posted Wednesday 29-Dec-2021 21:04, 2 comments.

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Sidreloc is a tool for relocating SID tunes any number of whole pages, using a novel but remarkably simple algorithm. It can also relocate all zero-page variables used by the tune. Read more.

Posted Monday 28-May-2012 08:13, 19 comments.

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Spindle v1

Spindle is an integrated linking, loading and crunching solution for C64 trackmos. By hiding the details of the storage model, it allows the demo coder to focus on effects, transitions and flow. Read more.

Posted Tuesday 7-May-2013 20:57, 3 comments.

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Spindle v2

Spindle is an integrated linking, loading and crunching solution for C64 trackmos. By hiding the details of the storage model, it allows the demo coder to focus on effects, transitions and flow. Read more.

(show 2 more files)

Posted Tuesday 30-Jun-2015 21:48, 7 comments.

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Spindle v3

The third major release of Spindle was announced with a small demo at Gubbdata 2021. New features include seeking, silencing of other drives on the bus, and a 40-track mode. Read more.

Posted Sunday 4-Jul-2021 13:29, 4 comments.

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The Å-machine

The Å-machine is a virtual machine for delivering interactive stories. It is designed for stories implemented in the Dialog programming language. Read more.

(show 7 more files)

Posted Tuesday 4-Jun-2019 05:28, 16 comments.

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Tracking down the ^Z problem in vim

Coders who use vim a lot may be familiar with an irritating race condition that appears on some systems: You save the source code, suspend vim using ^Z, and then immediately start typing a command (such as "make"), and sometimes the first few characters of the command are lost. The obvious workaround is to always wait for the shell prompt after typing ^Z, but this gets annoying after a while. I decided to dig deeper and see if I could find a quick fix. Read more.

Posted Wednesday 18-Dec-2013 15:29, 8 comments.

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UMLseq generates UML sequence diagrams from simple text files. The output is in Encapsulated PostScript (.eps) format, and the input format is documented in the archive. Read more.

Posted in ancient times, 1 comment.

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Zeugma is a modern, highly optimised, open-source Z-machine implementation for the 6502 processor family. It is designed around a virtual memory model, where pages are retrieved on demand from an external storage resource, 512 KB in size, which must be preloaded with the game file. Read more.

Posted Thursday 22-Aug-2013 23:14, 32 comments.