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Chip music


Qwertuoso is a small program for playing SID music live on a Commodore 64.

The application is an offshoot from the Sixtyforgan project, but it works equally well on a regular C64 without a reverb tank.

A couple of extra features have been added, but the design is quite minimalistic. With a bit of experimentation it should be possible to figure it out from the on-screen documentation.

Check out Monti On The 'Bin to see the program in action.


There's also a CSDb page.

Posted Wednesday 29-Dec-2021 21:04

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Thu 30-Dec-2021 17:59
I would love to see NTSC supported. So many wonderful songs (done assuming PAL) sound absurd on NTSC machines.

Would it be possible to give NTSC users support by setting up a 50Hz interrupt (CIA) for playback and let us optionally choose that mode so playback would sound as intended?
Thu 10-Mar-2022 15:21
Would love to get the source code, so I could adopt the keymap and the functionality to my needs.