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Monti On The 'Bin

Qwertuoso is put to the test in this rendition of Vittorio Monti's Csárdás for C64 and piano.

To make this video, I first recorded the piano part. Then I listened to that on speakers while playing the solo part and recording the raw line-out signal. This clean audio recording was then combined with the mechanical noises picked up by the camera. I selected the best material from multiple takes, and then I added a tiny bit of reverb to make it sound as if the Commodore was recorded in the same acoustical space as the piano.

For the talky bit at the end, I built a teleprompter out of a cardboard box and a piece of acrylic from a photo frame.


Posted Sunday 2-Jan-2022 10:58

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Thu 13-Jan-2022 00:55
very interesting
Fri 21-Jan-2022 12:44
Tue 28-Jun-2022 17:15
Very nice! stumbled across the net and found this..
Nice performance! ;)