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Live at Fjälldata 2024

Mahoney (of Mahoney & Kaktus fame) and I sat down to play some SID tunes at Fjälldata, the only demoparty I'm aware of that features a grand piano.

Reyn Ouwehand, well-known C64 composer, likes to perform piano covers of classic SID tunes. We decided to turn this concept inside-out and perform one of his piano pieces on the SID.

Rob Hubbard needs no introduction.

This was filmed in darkness with mobile phones. Thanks to Pad (via SceneSat), Bacchus, and Redcrab for additional footage!

Posted Friday 16-Feb-2024 08:26

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Rowan Pope
Fri 16-Feb-2024 20:57
Really enjoyed this. And thanks for the introduction to Reyn. :)
Wed 8-May-2024 12:21
What a treat! AND glad Reyn's still around and pushing keys! Thank you both for this wonderful cooperation. =)