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Functional music

This is a paper I wrote when taking a course in functional programming. The text is interspersed with Haskell code, but you should be able to understand much of the theory without knowing Haskell.

The task was to create a program that would take a sequence of chords (expressed as "A", "Cm" etc.), and generate rudimentary accompaniment according to some predefined rules. Along with these instructions, we (the students) were also given a short introduction to music and harmony, expressed in a scientific way. Unfortunately, this introduction was terribly wrong on some points. I decided to ignore it and start from scratch, explaining all the theory my way in the paper.

I passed the course...

Download the paper here.

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Ralph Corderoy
Sun 25-Jul-2010 15:04
This page is generating a warning rather than showing the paper.
Linus Åkesson
Sun 25-Jul-2010 16:10

ralph wrote:

This page is generating a warning rather than showing the paper.

Thank you! Fixed.