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The evolution of C64 games 1982–2023

A brief illustrated history of Commodore 64 games accompanied by that cello piece by Bach performed on the C=TAR.

Thanks to all game developers, sceners, database curators, and members of the broader C64 community, whose contributions over the decades have made this video possible.


The song I play is the Prelude from Johann Sebastian Bach's Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major, BWV 1007.

The games

Here's a list of the games that appear in the video.
1982Back To NatureCommodore
1982Jupiter LanderCommodore
1983Attack of the Mutant CamelsLlamasoft
1983Aztec ChallengeCosmi
1983Lode RunnerBrøderbund
1983Q*BertParker Brothers
1984Boulder DashFirst Star Software
1984Summer GamesEpyx
1984Lazy JonesTerminal Software
1984Impossible MissionEpyx
1985Monty On the RunGremlin Graphics
1985Thing On a SpringGremlin Graphics
1986Ghosts 'n GoblinsElite
1987Bubble BobbleFirebird
1987Maniac MansionLucasfilm Games
1987IK+System 3
1987Great Giana SistersRainbow Arts
1988MicroProse SoccerMicroProse Software
1988Zak McKrackenLucasfilm Games
1989Advanced Pinball SimulatorCodemasters
1989Grand Prix CircuitAccolade
1989Rick DangerousFirebird
1990TurricanRainbow Arts
1990Rainbow IslandsOcean
1990Shadow of the BeastOcean
1991Last Ninja 3System 3
1992First SamuraiImage Works
1992Enforcer: Fullmetal MegablasterCP Verlag, Golden Disk 64
1993Yogi's Big CleanupCitizen Software
1993Mayhem In MonsterlandApex Computer Productions
1995Fred's In TroubleCP Verlag
1996Dave Speed and the MutantsMarkt & Technik, 64'er
1997Ice GuysClassical Games
1998It's MagicProtovision
1999Metal WarriorElectric Harem
2000World Boxing ChampCommodore Zone, Binary Zone PD
2001ShaolinCommodore Zone
2002BOFH: Servers Under SiegeCovert BitOps
2003Hockey ManiaProtovision
2004The Catacombs of CherubimConstruction Computer Players
2005Ann GongIce Team
2006Zoo ManiaHannenz et al.
2007Bomberman C64Samar Productions
2008Escape From Arth: Special EditionPsytronik Software
2009GR9 Strike ForceCosine Systems
2010Nanako In Classic Japanese Monster CastleInside, The Mojon Twins
2011Edge GrinderRGCD, Cosine Systems
2011CanabaltMr. SID
2012You Have To Win The GameKabuto
2012Quod Init ExitRGCD
2013Monster BusterP1X3L-net
2013Micro HexagonPaulko64
2014Pixel City SkaterDigital Monastery
2015P0 SnakeRGCD
2015Caren and the Tangled TentaclesPriorArt
2016Icicle RaceRGCD
2016Spaceman Splorf: Planet of DoomPond Software
2017C=Rex OfflineGenesis Project
2017Sam's JourneyProtovision
2018Crank Crank RevolutionLFT, Redcrab
2018Rocky Memphis: The Legend of AtlantisPsytronik Software
2019Get WitchyDigital Monastery
2019Run Demon RunPsytronik Software
2019MancavePsytronik Software
2020Drunken ChopsticksAtlantis
2021Polar Bear In Space!RGCD, Psytronik Software
2021Granny's Cleaning DayKatteneder et al.
2021Scramble InfinityZzap! 64 Micro Action
2021Monstro GigantoRGCD
2022Jungle JoeZzap! 64 Micro Action
2022Puzzle BobbleJHB
2022Robot Jet ActionCarrion
2022ApeshitBitmap Soft
2022InbreadPsytronik Software
2023ZumaDr. Mortal Wombat
2023Ooze: The EscapeBubbleSoft

Posted Friday 19-Jan-2024 08:33

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Fri 19-Jan-2024 13:26
What is the game in 1984 after Ghostbusters please? It totally looks like second level (prison) of Another World that came year later.
Fri 19-Jan-2024 13:31
What is the game in 1984 after Ghostbusters please? It totally looks like second level (prison) of Another World that came year later.

* Years later (not a year)
Linus Åkesson
Fri 19-Jan-2024 14:24
What is the game in 1984 after Ghostbusters please?

I've added the list of games now, by popular demand. I think you're referring to Impossible Mission.
Sat 20-Jan-2024 12:17
wow !! very nice video! hugs to you and your husband!
Linus Åkesson
Sat 20-Jan-2024 16:57
wow !! very nice video! hugs to you and your husband!

Well, wife if we're going to split hairs. But the hugs are appreciated!
Sun 21-Jan-2024 17:43
Surprised by the beauty of this. I was expecting a discourse, possibly dry and lengthy and got something entirely different, something gorgeous and wonderful. Thank you for the work that went into this and for the moment to bond with a stranger in this way about a machine that has been a part of my life for so long.