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Earthworm Quest
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I wrote this game in 1999, for the TI-83 calculator. You can download the source code from my TI-83 page. The story of the game is this:

"Driving along the highway, you suddenly realize that you are almost out of petrol. Fearing a breakdown, you leave the highway at the first turn-off. You end up in a small village, and find your way to the local petrol station. But you soon realize that refueling your car and leaving the village isn't going to be on the top ten list of easy things to do..."

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Tue 29-Apr-2008 10:48
hi, it says:
"couldn't load RAM image"
<large path lol>\ZSTRANDZ.83p
(Access denied, Java socketpermission etc.)

By the way, your craft demo rocks!
Linus Åkesson
Tue 29-Apr-2008 10:56
Oops. Will fix. =)
Sun 18-Sep-2011 00:15
Really interesting!
Tue 13-Mar-2012 02:01
Huh. No ALPHA key? *bangs* I WANT CONTROL! *bangs*
Mon 20-Aug-2012 00:02
I just tried to pick up the man :D
Fri 9-Aug-2013 04:40
I'm the operator with my pocket calculator!
But where is this special key by pressing which it plays a little melody?
Sun 10-Nov-2019 00:49
Hello, playing online does not seem to work anymore? I don't see any JAVA applet loading... (Firefox, Ubuntu)