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Feedback from Edu Rosales

The following mail arrived on March 6 2002:

Hello there Mr. Akesson

My name is Edu Rosales, I'm from Costa Rica and after reading your
article, here is some feedback.

Although you have done a great job while trying to unveil the metaphors
and 'intentionality' of the Voices song on the Awake album from Dream
Theater, I still believe you have left out a very important component of
content analysis. I myself had never even seen what you were able to see,
you did a great job just finding a nice sounding song which makes sense
and gives the listener a good moment, unlike the majority of songs in the
market. But you have taken out the text out of its context. The whole
album deals in a way with Christianity, I'm not going to get into
details, but I thought that if you got into this, you should maybe update
your analysis. Here are some samples from where you can start from. A)
The title of the album B) The inner trilogy of songs of which 'voices'
is the second one, C) The titles of the songs D) Song sequencing (I love
thematic albums and have found out that the sequence is a very important
aspect of this type of albums. Examples of this thematic albums can be
found in the works of King Diamond, Merciful Fate, Rhapsody, Symphony X
and the later Queensryche. You can even see in the song sequence on King
Diamond's Conspiracy the formation of some type of poem which gives you
a summary of the album and basic guidelines to understanding it. This can
be done with the Awake album from Dream Theater. And finally some
extracts which I have chosen from different songs.

Song 2

Caught in a Web

07. I can't hold on any longer
08. These feelings keep growing stronger
09. Echoes that deafen the mind
10. Will bury my voice in their wake
11. Caught in a web

Song 3

Innocence faded

27. Trinity jaded
28. I break down the walls to find you
29. Beginnings are complicated
30. The farther we progress
31. Opinions are calculated
32. Immune to openness
33. Beyond the circle's Edge
34. We're driven by her blessings
35. Forever hesitating
36. Caught beneath the wheel

Songs 4, 5 and 6

A mind beside itself (Trilogy)

Song 4


Instrumental : Look for the etymological senses (In greek mythology, Eros
was a demigod who was in charge of passionate and physical love (you did
talk about masturbation). His name is the base of words like erotic. Eros
was associated with Aphrodite.)

Song 5


Song 6

The silent man

2. 'Is silence like a fever?'
3. 'A voice never heard?'

16. Tonight I'm Awake
17. When there's no answer, arrive the silent man
18. If there is silence
19. Tonight He's awake (notice the capital letter H)
20. If they have to suffer
21. There lies the silent man

Song 7

The Mirror

And the rest of the songs (actually I'm tired)

Well, good job and thank you for giving me something nice to do this
morning. I guess the Internet doesn't have to be frivolous sometimes.