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Feedback from Brad Shelton

The following mail arrived on March 6 2002:

I'm a big Dream Theater fan, and this song has always 'bugged' me, so to
speak, due to the seemingly anti-Christian (or possibly anti-Catholic)
nature of the lyrics. Thanks for examining the lyrics and offering a
potential meaning. I'd like to share a few thoughts (briefly, as I'm short
on time).

First, while many of your interpretations are similar to the way I would
take the lyrics, relating "the Devil in my bed" to masturbation seems to me
to be quite a stretch. It may be more along the lines of the old saying
about "sleeping with the enemy."

Also, my impression of the first stanza has always been that the "He" in
reference to "every Sunday morning" was a pastor or priest. I've never
thought of him as another individual, though this may be correct.

The "God in politicians?" line may be referring to a feeling that the Church
has become too involved in politics. Or it could be a reference to the
government enforced 'Christianity' / Catholicism that has taken place in
some countries in some eras.

The reference to the "diary on the newsstand" could merely be speaking of
reflecting back. Or, since the diary is not said to be being written in at
the moment, it could be assumed that the diary is closed on the newsstand.
This could be a reference to the end nearing, that the story's pretty much

Anyway, these are a few thoughts that crossed my mind. My lunch break is
about over, so I need to get going.