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DuckTales, The Moon

DuckTales, "The Moon" level, composed by Yoshihiro Sakaguchi (?) in 1989, performed on the Chipophone.

First, the loop is recorded. Then, the pedals are used to transpose the loop throughout the tune. Due to the limited pedal range, the music has been transposed from the original key of F♯ major to C major.

The drum sound is white noise with a sample-and-hold effect (i.e. updated at a lower rate than the audio output frequency), which is a new feature.

Posted Sunday 15-Aug-2010 11:27

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Mon 16-Aug-2010 05:45
just ace.
Tue 17-Aug-2010 09:16
You are absolutely awesome! I could make a long list of requests of song for you.

But I'll settle with making you a challenge instead, can you pull of the Silver Surfer tune for NES?


Kind Regards,
Sun 17-Oct-2010 19:52
Amazing work! You are very talented my friend!!
Tue 10-Jan-2012 12:02
amazing. thanks for all
Thu 5-Apr-2012 00:12
That's wonderful. Well done! I'm not even able to play it that fast with a simple piano and one hand. You are so fast and precise with the right hand.